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Bobcats DanceFit Challenge Daily Update!

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Sunday, January 17

Ms. Jess and Ms. Jazmin both got pied to celebrate reaching $5,000 in pledges!!

Thursday, January 14

Congratulations, Bobcats! You've raised over $2,500 for our school! To celebrate, Ms. Isabel got pied. Keep gathering pledges and we'll see Ms. Jess and Ms. Jazmine take challenges next!

Wednesday, January 13

When the school raises $12,000, Ms. Rebecca will EAT A BUG!!

Monday, January 11

Afternoon update: Raise $13,500 and Coach Lesley will get slimed!


With each milestone reached, the teachers will on the thermometer will get to participate in a crazy challenge such as getting a pie in the face, getting slimed, you know - all the fun things! So go out there and get some donations.

$2,500 – Ms. Wonda and Ms. Isabel

$5,000 – Ms. Jazmin and Ms. Jess

$7,500 - Mr. Adam

$9,000 – Mr. Sean

$10,500 – Ms. Oliva and Ms. Maria

$12,000 – Ms. Rebecca

$13,500 – Coach Lesley

$15,000 - Ms. Tanya

Patrick McCormick and Thax and Brit McCormick have already pied their moms (our PTA Co-Presidents) in the face. Watch the videos:


Friday January 8 is kick off day for the Charles Ellis Bobcats DanceFit Challenge! The day began with our pep rally.

Here's the pep rally video:

Don't forget to log your student on to tonight! The class with the highest percentage of students logged on will win a Starbucks gift card for their teacher!

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