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Phase 3 Hybrid Instruction Q&A

Dear Families,

PTA Leadership received a number of questions concerning Phase 3 Hybrid Instruction. Instead of trying to organize a Zoom meeting, we have sent the questions we received to Mrs. Tanya, and she has responded with what she knows. If you have lingering questions, please feel free to email Mrs. Tanya directly. Know that Mrs. Tanya may not have all of the answers, and that you are encouraged to contact the Savannah-Chatham County School District if our Ellis community is unable to provide the information you need.

Return to Phase 3 Hybrid In-Person Learning Q&A

Please be sure to refer to the SCCPSS Hybrid Plan FAQ for additional information from the District:

Q: Will any staff return for Phase 3 now that Dr. Levett says she will allow teachers to do so as long as it is not “disruptive.”

A: Our IN-Person staffing remains the same. I do not know of any additional staff that will be returning.

Q: How can Phase 3 move forward at Ellis if we only have 9 staff monitoring classes (Nurse Chris makes 10)?

A: If we have staff to accommodate additional students returning to the building then we will move forward with phase 3. I anticipate that we may be able to accommodate a few Erdkinder 7th & 8th Grade students in Cohort B.

Q: If we send our kids back before the teachers go back, which teachers will be in the classroom during Phase 3 with them?

A: Our IN-Person staffing remains the same.

Q: If our kids are there before the teachers come back, will our kids be learning virtually just like we’ve been doing so far at home and with their same teachers?

A: Our IN-Person staffing remains the same. The students who are currently participating IN -Person will continue their instruction on the virtual platform.

Q: Is Ms. Wimberly back and if so, can they have band instruction in person?

A: Ms. Wimberly is not in the building at this time

Q: If we send our kids back but they don’t like it because not many of their classmates are there, can we change our mind and have the kids stay home and learn virtually?

A: Yes

Q: Can teachers come back earlier than January if they want to?

A: Yes but they may not be coerced into making this decision

Q: If more teachers come back, then would students in the first cohort [Phase 2] be allowed change their minds to return at the end of the first /second nine weeks?

A: This is all dependent on staffing and the number of students.

Q: Are any of the Erdkinder teachers besides Mr Sean back?

A: One additional Erdkinder teacher is anticipated to return to the building on Wednesday

Q: If I send my kids back, are they going to be assigned to new teachers, who they’ll then stay with for the rest of the year?

A: This is all dependent on staffing and the number of students.

Q: If teachers are allowed to change their minds and return before January, Will they be guaranteed to stay at their home school?

A: While I anticipate that our Ellis Staff, if they should decide to return to the building will be on site at Ellis. Please note however that all SCCPSS employees are hired by the district and can be placed within the district per the district’s needs.

Q: When the majority of students return will the virtual students continue to log in for instruction time from their same teachers from home? Do we have the technology to connect the at home virtual learners to the lessons/active instruction  in the classroom?

A: This is dependent on staffing and the number of students. Subsequently this will determine the instructional format.

Q: How will the increase in students be accommodated if we have no further instructional staff returning? Wait lists?  

A: Our IN-Person staffing remains the same. Waitlists will be established.

Q: We are hearing that teachers at other elementary schools are returning, when will our teachers return ( all except those with medical exemptions)?

A: Unknown

Q: If teachers can be guaranteed to stay at Ellis, will more teachers be willing to return?

A: Unknown

Q: What is the daily screening procedure for entry into school? Are temperatures checked once children enter the school? Are temperatures and screening measures by nurse/ teacher checked outside of the school before entry ?

A: All COVID-19 Safety Protocols are followed at the school at all times. Morning Screening by trained staff occurs prior to a child leaving the vehicle.

Q: If only 10 ( 5 certified) teachers have returned, how can Ellis accommodate the children returning for Phase 3?

A: Our IN-Person staffing remains the same. Waitlists will be established.

Q: Will substitutes be utilized for Phase 3 as we have only 10 staff returning?

A: Unknown

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