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Phase 2 Hybrid Instruction Q&A

Dear Families,

This afternoon, PTA and School Council quickly put together a Zoom meeting for parents to address questions about what a return to the classroom will look like for the Phase 2 Hybrid model. Because we did not have much lead time to alert parents, we know many in our community were not able to attend. Below is a Q&A recap from the meeting. If you have lingering questions, please feel free to email our Principal, Mrs. Tanya. Know that Mrs. Tanya may not have all of the answers, and that you are encouraged to contact the Savannah-Chatham County School District if our Ellis community is unable to provide the information you need.

Return to Phase 2 Hybrid In-Person Learning Q&A

Please be sure to refer to the SCCPSS Hybrid Plan FAQ for additional information from the District:

1) What will the situation be for before and after care programs?

a. There will be no before and after school care provided at any SCCPSS facility (e.g. Pryme Tyme will not be offered for either before or after care programs).

2) If we choose in-person hybrid instruction, is our decision permanent, or can we change?

a. Once your decision is made, and you are comfortable with your choice, that decision is locked in until the end of the semester. You can change your decision at that time.

b. HOWEVER, if you have already submitted your decision but would now like to change, please do the following as soon as

c. Call 912-395-5600 and choose option 5. Advise that you have submitted your application but would like to change your response. As a back- up, please inform Ms. Tanya by email ( if you have changed your decision.

3) Will there be different teachers for hybrid vs. in person? What will in person class look like?

a. District staffing data is still being gathered. At this moment, all Pre-K through 6th grade lead teachers have chosen to work remotely. Other certified staff members have chosen to return to the building. It is the intention of the Ellis administration that students will continue with their current teachers, whether in person or virtually, but please note this is subject to change.

b. Students in person will bring their own belongings (chromebook/computer supplies etc) and will work at a desk appropriately social-distanced from their peers. Students will not be in the traditional Montessori-prepared classroom (e.g. moving around and working with shared materials). At this moment, we envision they will attend their regularly scheduled virtual meetings and continue classwork during independent work time as they would have done virtually from home. They will have scheduled lunch and recess.

c. There will still be Ellis staff in the classroom with students, but those individuals will be dependent upon available staff. Teachers’ decisions are also final through the semester and can be changed when we return in January.

4) If our child has cold symptoms and must stay home, will they be allowed to attend virtual learning that day?

a. Yes, they can still attend virtual learning as they would if in the classroom. However if the child is not feeling well enough to participate, please encourage them to rest and feel better.

6) What will recess be like?

a. To keep students safe and healthy, scheduling and cleaning protocols will be utilized. Students will be assigned to a core group or pod. Designated play areas will be created. Staggered times will be implemented to eliminate large groups. Traffic flow will be managed to utilize multiple ingress and egress points.

7) Will there be opportunities for outdoor classes when weather permits?

a. YES! Ellis will facilitate classes and opportunities to learn outside when possible.

8) Will the district track and report positive cases so we have information to make informed decisions in the future?

a. Per HIPPA and other privacy regulations, SCCPSS will not be giving out personal information if someone tests positive. However there are protocols in place for notifying any affected students’ families, quarantine, etc.

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