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Got Questions about IEPs, 504s, and more?

Join us via Zoom on Saturday, September 25 from 9am-12pm for a conversation about Special Education Planning and Support. Register here.

During this workshop we will discuss IEPs and 504s from start to finish, including the laws surrounding special education, Babies Can't Wait through a student's transition to college. We will explore the differences between an IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) and 504s and how to know what is best to ask for regarding your child. This workshop will also address how to prepare for your IEP/504 meeting, who you should expect to be there, who you can request to be there, and how to be assertive and advocate for your child. We will also discuss how to handle formal complaints, due process, and mediation.

This workshop is sponsored by the Charles Ellis Montessori Academy PTA and is free to all participants.

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