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A note about the Charles Ellis PTA Facebook Group

If you haven't already, we hope you will join the Charles Ellis PTA Facebook Group. We are grateful for you because just by being a member of this group, you have shown you are invested in the “Ellis Experience.”

This Charles Ellis Montessori Academy PTA group is a place for Ellis PTA Members to collaborate on how we can, through our guiding principles as Montessorians, work together to improve our school, change our world and brighten our collective future.

The PTA group is also a useful place to share news, events, links, and information that could be relevant and interesting to members of our community.

We do ask, however, that if you have questions or concerns regarding the operations, procedures, standards, etc. within your child’s classroom or at the school, please start with your child’s teacher. They are our best source for accurately answering our questions, explaining the reason for a particular decision, process, etc. and/or for offering support to us and our children. It is also a wonderful opportunity to create a relationship with the person who will be guiding our children through multiple developmental periods during their time at Ellis. If the teacher is unable to assist, she/he will direct you to someone who can -our counselor, our principal, our assistant principal, our information specialist, our school council, or our PTA.

Our vision for this PTA Members group is for it to be a place where we can come together, share ideas and create meaningful engagement within our community. Please contribute any ideas you have to help us meet these goals. We’re looking forward to continuing to grow with you in the coming years.

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