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PTA Funds $5,400 Chromebook Grant for Lower Elementary

At the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, The Charles Ellis Montessori PTA extended an invitation to teachers and staff to apply for Opportunity Grants. The proposals had to demonstrate that funding would be used for projects, field trips, activities, books, equipment, or anything that enhanced the academic lives of children at Charles Ellis Montessori Academy.

Our wonderful former librarian Ms. Laura (who can't seem to stay away from her cherished Charles Ellis community, thank goodness!) applied for a grant to cover much needed additional Chromebooks. The grant request was for $5,400, and due to the significant cost and other worthy proposals at the time, the Grants Committee did not think PTA could fulfill the need.

Fast forward to this past week and a final PTA budget review at the last executive board meeting. Because of sound financial stewardship by the executive board, excellent fundraising by PTA members, and incredible participation by YOU -- the Charles Ellis community, PTA has been able to fully fund the Chromebook grant request!

These new Chromebooks will be shared among the Lower Elementary students where there is the greatest current need. Ms. Tanya assures PTA that the Chromebooks have functionality far beyond their use as testing aids; our students will benefit from the ability to enhance research on all sorts of learning projects through these devices.

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