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AMS Presents Anti-Bias Education For Students and Educators (Part 2)

Here's an informational webinar taking place on Thursday, April 19, at 7:00 PM.



Either education contributes to a movement of universal liberation by showing the way to defend and raise humanity or it becomes like one of those organs which have shriveled up by not being used during the evolution of the organism. —Maria Montessori, The Formation of Man

In order to fully understand peace, we must first be willing to embrace social justice. In Part 2 of our Anti-Bias webinar, we will continue the exploration started in Part 1 about the process of understanding ourselves and our students through the lens of Anti-Bias, Anti-Racist education, an active approach to maintaining a culturally responsive and culturally sustaining environment for all learners.

As Montessorians, we understand the urgent call to cultivate more just and peaceful communities. For many of us, the question of where to begin can feel overwhelming. Some of us may ask how or even why discussions of race, gender, and other topics are relevant or appropriate. This webinar continues the discussion began in our previous webinar with a discussion on the importance of anti-biased, anti-racist practice at individual, class-wide and school-wide levels; and offers concrete tools to support you in the essential task of continuing your own spiritual preparation.

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